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Cooperating partners of the Argentine Cosmetic Chemists Association

The Argentine Cosmetic Chemists Association (Asociación Argentina de Químicos Cosméticos, AAQC) is a non-profit civil entity founded on March 20, 1971, aimed at promoting the development of scientific and technological knowledge in cosmetic research and production.

It is a member of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC), the international entity that granted the Lester Conrad award to the Argentine association in 1984 and 1997.
Quetzal Química is proud of having become a cooperating partner and being part of the AAQC –


Recuerdo de la charla sobre productos innovadores en el marco del Technical Open Day, organizado por Quetzal Química en las instalaciones de AAQC.


  • Promoting the development of cosmetic science
  • Spreading knowledge on this field by means of courses and master's degrees
  • Encouraging scientific research
  • Cooperating with public bodies on legislation in their scope of action.
  • Developing bonds among those interested in cosmetic science and technology
  • Communicating scientific and technological advances by publishing magazines and fostering book creation and IT services
  • Organizing and taking part in congresses and conferences.
  • Cooperating with the IFSCC in the attainment of its goals
  • Stimulating the development of cosmetic science by means of prizes and scholarships
  • Keep active contact with both local and foreign entities of the type

Source: http://aaqc.org.ar



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